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Ingo's Grave

How to find Ingo's grave

Ingo's grave is placed in Hamburg at the Waldfriedhof Volksdorf (in the "B" area, section "H") and it's extremely easy to find.
Here is our few simple hints to follow:

    • - take the U1 subway train (blue line) and get off at the Buckhorn station
      - once you are out of the subway station you have to turn right and go ahead for approx 200 mt. and you will find the cemetery on your left
      - enter the cemetery and go ahead until the third little round square
      Ingo's Grave 01
      - turn right to reach the B area...
      Ingo's Grave 02
      ...and go straight at the cross junction
      Ingo's Grave 03
      - after few steps, take the small path on your right and you will reach the H section.
      Ingo's Grave 04
  • Here you are!
    Here's the full address:

    Waldfriedhof Volksdorf
    Duvenwischen 126
    D-22359 Hamburg

    (very special thanks to Kirsten for sending us the map)

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