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Fabio Lentola was born in 1966, He's a musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. He plays the guitars in the Queensryche italian tribute band called Anarchy-x and he is also the founder of the "Resistance: the Italian EMpire", the italian Queensryche fanclub.

Elisa Girotto was born in 1978. Photographer and huge Helloween fan since 1991, when an older schoolmate gave her his own copy of "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" to introduce her to "real" music. She is also a huge heavy metal collector: her personal Helloween collection includes lots of rare items she gathered throughout the years. In 2002 she had the idea to commemorate Ingo's life by building a website devoted to Him. The kINGOfdrums project is the final result of more than 8 years of work and researches about this awesome artist and great guy.

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