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A tribute to Ingo Schwichtenberg

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Ingo Schwichtenberg (18.05.1965 - 08.03.1995), extraordinary drummer and amazing man who devoted His whole life to music. He was with no doubt one of the most talented and influential drummer in heavy metal history, blessed by a very unique style that combined an explosively mixture of power, speed, technique and fantasy. His contagious smile and His gentle soul will always survive thanks to the wonderful and priceless music He created through His short but unforgettable career as Helloween's drummer. This is a special place of love and peace where everyone could feel free to share and show feelings, thoughts and special memories about this incredible artist that deeply inspired a generation of young and contemporary drummers all over the world, as a real witness of the precious legacy He left to this Earth.
Thank you for your visiting.

"...with everything I did I was the one who laughed, yes I was always tall and smiled..." (M. Kiske, "Always", dedicated to Ingo. From the "Instant Clarity" album)

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