s Ingo Schwichtenberg - Interview May 1992
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Metal Shock magazine- Italy (English translation by Elisa Tlwb Girotto)

A short interview with Ingo Schwichtenberg by Stefania Ciapi a couple of hours before the gig at the Rolling Stone in Milan on May 10th, 1992, talking about the issues that Helloween had with Noise Records and their upcoming brand new album...

So, Ingo! What's happened to Helloween? Where have you been for all this time?
-Well, we had to get over some extremely complicated contractual issues that still linked us to Noise Records, our former record company. At the time of our transition to EMI, they tried to cling to every possible detail in order to make as much money as possible and this made our lives really difficult. Since June 1989 we've been unable to do any promotion, we couldn't shoot videos or TV appearances. As you can see, it was an awful situation! Moreover, it caused an unexpected stop to the "Pink Bubbles Go Ape"album: in Germany it was out only on mid-April, more than twelve months after its release in the rest of Europe! After that, all this Noise-thing has been solved, the album finally appeared in stores, we could start this tour and, last but not least, we got a brand new record deal that binds us to the major EMI for the next seven years. They are strongly focusing on us and really believe in Helloween.

But "Pink Bubles..."(that was harshly panned on Metal Shock by Beppe Riva by a vote of 2,5 points) certainly has a different impact compared with your previous album...
-Yeah, a lot of people told me that. I guess it depends on the bad situation we experienced at the time recorded it. We were already stuck in that situation with Noise and that got us depressed and unmotivated, you know. There wasn't that calm and relaxed atmosphere that you need in that case. But luckily everything is completely different right now, we're also back to work again with Tommy Hansen: he's known us since longtime and he's able to understand us and really brings out the best from everyone of us.

One year after "Pink Bubbles..."you've probably already written some songs for a new album, don't you?
-Yes, actually I can tell you that all songs are ready and we got plenty of time to rehearse them. When this European tour will be over, we'll go back in the Studio even though I don't think this new album will see the light before next year.
As a matter of fact we'll be on tour all over Europe during this summer, then we'll play at the Monsters Of Rock with Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. After that a world tour will follow: we've been waiting for it since very long time, a unique opportunity that we can't fail in order not to disappoint everyone who believed in us during these tough years.

From the powerful metal of the early days you've turned to a more "technical"music. And what about now? Have you changed your style once more?
-I won't tell you anything! It must be a surprise! Anyway, next album will be more powerful than "Pink Bubbles...", the lyrics too, more accurate and intense.
I personnally really love "I Believe", a song that talks about all those people who lost all hopes in this world and don't longer believe in anything...

After this long period of inactivity, what does this tour mean to you?
-It has a very important meaning for us! Expecially to see how many people are still loyal to Hellowen.
Since we are talking about a mini-tour, we can consider it as a "general rehearsal"in preparation for our upcoming commitments. And by judging from the amount of screaming people are out there tonight, there's hope for a brand new future for us, a future full of satisfactions. We really deserve it!

What can your fans expect from you tonight?
-Well, I can't really tell you...rather I can't define it... all we do is going on stage and play, always trying to be ourselves. I can tell you that we're more than willing to do our best since we just recovered from a bad period and when you feel caged and cant do anything to escape... Well is not a pleasant situation! That's why when you break finally free you wanna show the world you're alive and kicking and ready to scream. This is Helloween now.

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