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15 Days in Japan

From "1989 Helloween in Japan Tourbook" - Report: Yoshiro "Z" Zaiatsu (Victor Music) & Yumiko Nagata (VIVA Rock) - English translation: Shinobu Iwami

15 Days In Japan

May 21, Sunday At 3:45 pm members of the Pumpkin Party arrived safely at the Narita International Airport by JAL (Japan Air Lines) 65. The guys were fine and cheerful as always, but they got really tired from the previous long American tour and the rehearsals for this tour in Japan. So they went to the hotel in Roppongi for a light meal and after that they went directly to bed to relax.

May 22, Monday At 11:00 am they left the hotel. The pumpkins leave Tokyo at 1:40 pm destination Osaka by Hikari 356. Arrival at the Osaka railway station at 4:44 pm. They checked in at the hotel and unpacked their baggages, then a welcome party sponsored by their record company was held at a typical "Teppan-Yaki" restaurant. Michael was the one who was eating the most. Roland, who came to Japan for his very first time, was struggling with his chopsticks and it seemed a little bit hard for him to eat. On the other hand Ingo, who was anxious about the popularity of Helloween in Japan, was discussing earnestly with the Director of the record company. I heard that Mr. Director was moved to tears by Ingo's enthusiasm. The "party" ended around 12:00 am. After that they went back to the hotel and slept well for the tomorrow's show.

May 23, Tuesday The first show in Japan. In the morning someone knocked on the door of Mr. Director's room. He opened the door and found Michael standing there: "I wanna go out to buy some CDs. Won't you please take me to some record shops?". So Mr. Director suppressed his sleepiness and brought him to three different record shops. After that they went to the Osaka Mainichi Hall at 4:00 pm for the soundcheck and when the show was over they came back to the hotel directly and took their time.

May 24, Wednesday At 10:00 am there was a knock on the Mr. Director's door again. Michael was standing there again. As he looked a little bit numb, Mr. Director was worried about what was happening to him. Michael said he wanted to go to buy some more CDs and wanted him to join, but this time all the guys in the band joined for a tour of the record shops. It seemed there were so many CDs rarities that could be found only in Japan, like Presley, Prince. But Roland went to the venue earlier than the other guys for his personal soundcheck so he didn't join. At 12:00 pm all pumpkins (except for Roland) had interviews in their hotel rooms and from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm a photo session for this "Helloween In Japan Toourbook" took place. The guys had a look at other series of "Japan Tourbook" featuring bands like Europe and Bon Jovi and they started saying: "I also want a picture like this!" or: "What about a layout like that?", so I was really impressed by their enthusiastic participation. When the photo session was over, they went to the venue at 4:00 pm and after the soundcheck they rushed into their show. At 9:30 pm Ingo and some guys in the crew went out for a drink at a disco pub. Ingo enjoys partying everytime he goes out to discos or bars, but Weiki and Markus like it a little less. Roland and Michael seldom go out, especially Michael who doesn't seem to be fond of parties or debaucheries.

May 25, Thursday Day-off. The guys left the hotel at 11:00 am for a special "One Day tour in Kyoto" sponsored by "Viva Rock", so everyone was really excited! At 7:00 pm they left Kyoto and arrived at Nagoya. They checked- in at the hotel and spent the night doing nothing or sleeping.

May 26, Friday Soundcheck at 4:00 pm at the Nagoyashi Kokaido. After the show the guys came back at the hotel for relaxing.

May 27, Saturday Meeting at the hotel lobby at 11:30 am. We waited and waited for Michael and Ingo, but they didn't come. As the guys had to take a "Shinkansen" (some kind of a japanese Bullet Train) for Tokyo at 12:38 am, they decided to left for Nagoya station anyway... but at last Michael and Ingo came to the platform just two minutes before the departure time holding hamburgers in their hands, while the other guys muttered: "They always have to be late". At 2:32 pm they arrived at the Tokyo railway station, left their baggages at the hotel, and went down to the city center for some shopping.

May 28, Sunday Time for some morning shopping again: CD players, DAT, video decks, etc... Tonight's show will be at "Kawasaki Club Citta' ", so they went to the venue earlier than usual to have a sound check from 2:00 pm. After the show they went to Roppongi, but as shops used to close earlier on Sundays they were forced to come back to the hotel and relax at the bar.

May 29, Monday The guys had some spare time in the morning before the souncheck (4:00 pm). Someone went out to buy CDs without getting tired, others seemed to prefer some relaxing time at the hotel. Today was the backstage meeting day for Viva Rock's reporters. After the show it was time for a special dinner party sponsored by the promoter. Anyway as they ate anything they've been served, they didn't need to be worried about meals. They are pumpkins ... we don't need to take care of that much...

May 30, Tuesday Nice weather today! The guys bathed in the sun at the poolside starting from the early morning. Today they had two interviews from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the sunny poolside, as per Michael's earnest request. After that at 4:00 pm they moved to the venue and did their soundchek as usual ...well...they ought to ... but before that they went out for some CD shopping in Shinjuku and Ingo bought some Pink Floyd's rarities. I heard that the day after their coming back to Germany Pink Floyd would play in Frankfurt so everyone were seriously looking forward to it. After their successful show, the guys came back to the hotel for some relaxing time at the hotel bar and a good sleep.

May 31, Wednesday As it was another nice sunny day, the pumpkins seized the opportunity of bathing in the sun by the poolside. They had interviews from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, this time in a special room and from 1:15 pm to 3:15 they had another interview for this special "Helloween In Japan Tourbook". As we wanted to enrich it by adding specific questions focusing on equipments and music, we decided to separate them into 3 groups: Weiki & Roland, Ingo & Markus, and Michael. We did all the interviews at the same time just like a guerilla tactics, and in the end we had a funny talk about these "memories in Japan". During the last ten minutes Roland, who didn't attend the photo session in Osaka, finally had his personal photo shooting and we took a nice picture for the front page. At 3:30pm: "What? So we're looking forward for a sea trip the day after tomorrow, aren't we? And we're gonna see a huge Buddah?!? Our hearts are singing!!!" While they're talking like this, we separated. At 4:00 pm they went to the venue. They had a souncheck and their show. After that they came back to the hotel and took their time as usual.

June 1, Thursday It's the first day of June! The guys woke up early in the morning and went shopping in Ginza. Even though Weiki wanted to go too, nobody woke him up... he got up late and he was left behind. After coming back to the hotel they sunbathed by the poolside as usual. And from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm they had some interviews. At 4:00 pm they went to the concert venue: soundcheck and went on stage. Needless to say, after the show they came back to the hotel directly and hanged out. Nothing special happened until the day was over.

June 2, Friday. Meeting at the hotel lobby at 10 am. Around 10:40 am all gathered and they left for "day tour in Kamakura - Enoshima," which was accompanied and reported by only Viva Rock, by chartered coach. After the sightseeing, at 5:00pm we drove the band back to the hotel safely. They seemed quite exhausted, so after taking their time at the restaurant, they went to bed straight. Take care!

June 3, Saturday At 10:00 am someone knocked on Mr. Promoter's door. A dumb Michael was standing there again. "I wanna get a bag for DATs." The promoter was a little bit annoyed and he went out to find a suitable bag for him. When Markus saw it and asked Michael: "Hey, won't you please put mine in your bag?" Michael answered: "Well, if you'll carry this bag for me, you can put your things in it". In the end Markus bought another bag for himself. At 12:00 pm they left the hotel and went to visit the "Ring Ring Circus", settled in a pit beside the venue. Ingo seemed really excited, not just he took tons of pictures but he also rode an elephant: "Hey guys, do you know this is the world's second biggest elephant?" so asked him: "And where is the biggest one?" He said: "Don't you know? At the Tokyo Zoo!" And you know what? Other pumpkins screamed: "Ouch! You smell bad!" As tonight there was their last show in Japan, the band invited some artists of the "Ring Ring Circus" on stage. The pumpkins seemed to be reluctant of leaving the stage so they tried to satisfy the requests from the audience by performing some encores again and again. At night a Farewell Party was held at the hotel bar. Weiky walked down to the streets of Roppongi and said a final goodbye to fans.

June 4, Sunday Leaving day. The pumpkins were told to leave the hotel at 10:30 am and they appeared in the lobby one by one: Markus, Michael, Roland, Ingo, and Weiky at last. Weiky was asking the receptionist to send his personal replies to fan letters he kept on writing during his stay. He is incredibly nice and lovely to his fans! On the other hand, as Michael seemed to be satisfied with his shopping items like DATs, CDs, and others, he was smiling... but he had too many baggages indeed! After saying goodbye to the Japanese staff with tears in their eyes, the pumpkins crew took on three cars and left for Narita Airport. At 1:00 pm they took off from Japan for Frankfurt by JAL40.

Days in Japan: 15 Show dates: 9 Cooperation to "Helloween In Japan": immeasurable

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